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Rolleiflex TLR

My workshop

I have a variety of original maker's test apparatus, other universal test equipment and special tools with which I can carry out the necessary repairs. (» see details).

I have also fabricated many camera specific tools to enable me to repair various makes of camera.

In addition, I have my own store of spare parts for the Rollei 35, Rollei twin lens and many other classic cameras.

Rolleiflex SL 350

Two cameras from my workshop, with exposed interiors, are shown here - a Rolleiflex SL 350 (above) and a Rolleiflex TLR (above right)

Disassembled, cleaned und revised lens: Nikon NIKKOR ED, 300 mm, 1 : 2,8 (right)

Selen- and fotocells

New selenium cells for Rolleiflex TLR
new CDS-photocells for Rollei 35, Nikon F Photomic, Nikon F2 Photomic, Nikkormat, etc.

My most important measuring and test equipment is shown on this photo:

Overview test equipment
  1. TSUBOSAKA AE multitester, type 7PE-330LB
  2. TSUBOSAKA universal shutter speed tester
  3. TSUBOSAKA shutter tester, type 7FDC-80PT2
  4. TSUBOSAKA AE camera tester type SAE-2
  5. Tamron universal collimator

Details of measuring-, test equipment and special tools:

Click on a picture at the right of the table to obtain an enlarged version:

TSUBOSAKA AE multitester, type 7PE-330LB, number 1 in the picture above TSUBOSAKA AE Multitester, Type 7PE-330LB
TSUBOSAKA universal shutter speed tester, number 2 in the picture above TSUBOSAKA Universal Kurzeitmesser
TSUBOSAKA shutter tester, Type 7FDC-80PT2, number 3 in the picture above
Shutter speed tests with or without lens system
TSUBOSAKA Shutter Tester, Type 7FDC-80PT2
TSUBOSAKA AE camera tester type SAE-2, number 4 in the picture above TSUBOSAKA AE Camera Tester Model SAE-2
Tamron universal collimator, number 5 in the picture above Tamron universal collimator
Apparatus to check for the parallelism of the film plane and lens Prüftisch mit Messteller
Original Rollei universal-collimator Rollei Universal-Kollimator
Gokosha lens tester Gokosha Lens Tester
Knecht shutter checker sc5 (blind transit time) Knecht Shuttercheck
Special tools Spezialschlüssel
Different precision focal plane mirrors to control and adjust focus Verschiedene Spiegel

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