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Cameras, exposure meters, lenses etc. perform only at their best when they are regularly checked and serviced (normally every 5 - 6 years). We feel very competent to deal with this topic.


I routinely carry out the following work on the cameras:

  • Shutters: clean, adjust, repair, replace.
  • Exposure meters: adjust, repair, replace (convert and if necessary adjust to new batteries*)
  • Film transport: clean, fresh lubrication, repair
  • Camera body: clean, replace back and mirror seals, general check
  • Lens: clean and fresh lubrication of helical focusing mount, clean internal surfaces, clean iris lamellae (diaphragm blades), adjust focusing, general checkup

*The original batteries used in older cameras often contained mercury or other toxic materials, which are no longer permitted. Replacements must therefore be found, which often have a slightly higher voltage and because of this, the exposure meter has to be adjusted to the new conditions.

Other services


I will willingly advise young people who are interested in buying a classic camera, promptly and, naturally, without charge.

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Guarantees & estimates

We give a six months guarantee on all our work. Estimates are free.


You may contact us in the following languages:

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